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Short Synopsis of Plays for Programme 2021-2022


October 5th 2021

My Friend Miss Flint, by Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham Directed by Carolyn Harman


When Tom receives a call from the Inland Revenue enquiring after his PR consultant, Joanna Flint, he has honestly never heard of her! Confusion, twists and general mayhem ensue in this sparkling comedy.

Nibbles will be served after the reading


October 26th 2021
2 One Acts

Lady Bracknell’s Confinement or The Bunbryist by Paul Doust Directed by Betty McInerney


Taking this iconic character from Oscar Wilde’s ‘, The importance of Being Ernest’, Lady Bracknell confesses her own family history. Doust parodies Wilde’s characteristic wit and humour with the odd modernism thrown in.


The Holiday, from Duets, by Peter Quilter Directed by Jane Meadowcroft


A couple decide to holiday in Spain to finalize their divorce, whilst drowning in cocktails. This is a light-hearted look at the chaotic world of love and relationships.


November 9th  2021

When We Are Married by J.B. Priestly Directed by Sally March


Three couples are married on the same day, in the same church, by the same vicar. Twenty-five years later, they reunite to celebrate, only to discover that all is not what they thought. A classic comedy, full of laughs and surprises!


November 23rd 2021

A Death of Convenience by Ron Hutson Directed by Janet Adams


A Murder Mystery.  At Elmdale, the country seat of Lord and Lady Chestle, one of the family is found dead.  Since no one liked her very much, murder is suspected.  But, if she was murdered, then how was she murdered?  That is the problem that exercises the police.  A satisfying sting in the tail nicely rounds off this reading.
An amateur production by arrangement with Stagescripts Ltd


December 14th 2021

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram Directed by Tessa Garrett


Henry and Alice’s marriage is flagging, but Henry rises above it all in his imagination.  Alice too seeks comfort in her exotic daydreams but struggles to take her relationship with French waiter Michel to the next level.  What can Orca, their goldfish, do to help? 



Mulled wine and mince pies will be served after the reading


January 18th 2022

The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell   Directed by John de Barham


Three Jewish widows meet monthly to catch up before going to visit their husband’s graves. All is fine until Sam arrives, a shy man whose wife is buried in the same cemetery. With broad humour and touching moments, this witty play is about relishing life and friendships.


February 1st 2022

We Are Three Sisters by Blake Morrison Directed by Sandy Bateman


Blake Morrison cleverly elides the lives of Bronte sisters and their spoilt brother, with the story of Chekov’s ‘Three Sisters’. He shows the overwhelming humanity, charged emotions and brooding unease which characterises both households.


February 15th 2022

Amy’s View by David Hare Directed by Christopher Warren


Amy’s view is that love conquers all and that love should be given unconditionally. This view is bested over 16 years against running arguments on traditional theatre, marriage, love, fame, fidelity, betrayal, personal artistic integrity and the ethics of the corporate world.


March 1st 2022

Pressure by David Haig Directed by Adrian Brown


Based on the true story of James Stagg and Operation Overlord during WW2, this play centres on the weather-forecasting for the D-Day Landings, and the resulting tensions between Eisenhower, Stagg and Krick as they contemplate the colossal logistical task of landing 150,000 soldiers in occupied France.




March 13th 2022

Virtue Triumphant, or Her Honour in Peril by Pat Norris Directed by Edwina Lloyd


A full-bodied melodrama, with a wicked squire, beautiful heroine, handsome hero, and comic rustics, not to mention dead bodies and vengeful ghosts! The basis of the plot centres around the Squire’s lust and determination to possess the lovely Rose, by hook or by crook.

Cheese and biscuits will be served after the reading



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